Saturday, August 14, 2010

Any Questions?

I'll start with a post trying to answer any questions you might have about me.

My political philosophy is best described as conservative. Liberal policies have and are failing all over the world. Greece is just a preview of what the rest of the world is soon facing. Liberal policies always lead to a loss of freedom, whether its a large group of people who fall into dependence on the governtment and lose freedom to the rules to get that help or the lifestyle changes required to satisfy regulation.

A conservative is for laws that protect people from fraud, abuse and other crimes that restrict people in their pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. We also believe the pursuit of happiness does not guarantee equal results. That is the crux of the difference between us and liberals. Liberals are always trying to make things "equal" and everybody "happy." All that we can possibly hope for in a truly free society is everybody having the freedom to pursue the things that make them happy, not that everybody will be happy.

I was in the pre-Perestroika Soviet Union for six weeks of language study. We live among the students and spent time at their apartments. We interacted with people on busses, in markets, etc. Their "equality" was miserable. The Soviet Union was and is a very, very rich nation in terms of resources. Yet equality meant equally poor, and the only way to improve yourself financially was to be a member of the political class or have been just the right size farm/business to slip through the take over cracks, yet make enough to be better off than everybody else.

The vision George Soros and all those groups he runs like Media Matters and and the Center for American Progress and all those other progressive groups he funds is to makes us like the Soviet Union in the 1980s. Rich politicians driving to their Red Square offices in black Mercedes, while only the mob and black market prosper, and those who dare to get rich get it confiscated and given to those who won't or don't work for it. Full employment in the USSR included the four guys who on week one of our classes we walked past digging a hole. On week two they were filling it up, normal enough. Except, on week three they were digging the SAME HOLE. You guessed it, on week four they were filling it, and on week five . . .

That is not the vision most liberals have for this country. Most liberals are just trying to help the less fortunate and believe the government is the only "fair" way to do it. In their eyes leaving it to charities is inequitable and not right. There is a fundamental jealousy/envy/who knows what about corporations and other individuals being able to choose how to help people. I've experienced it in conversations with liberals in the past.

However, there are big money people supporting today's Democratic party that have a history of destroying the economies of other countries to bring about Communism. George Soros is a wanted man in several countries. He's blamed for the downfall of Hungary's economy and in Thailand he would be arrested on sight. TARP came about after somebody cashed out 500 Million dollars worth of mutual funds in a few hours. It scared the powers that be, yet nobody has revealed, if they have even investigated, who did it and who was behind the money. It changed the whole election and put Obama in office. McCain's participation in TARP turned a 5% lead into a loss, as he made it appear there was no difference between him and Obama.

I actually had a liberal accuse me of not wanting to take care of those less fortunate. Those are the kind of statements that are the talking points of today's left. I do want to take care of people, but I want to choose who uses my money so I can make sure it's not wasted. My church and local charities can make sure only people who really need it get the help. The fraud rate in government programs, not to mention the waste of overstaffing, paperwork, and other bureaucracy the unions create to increase their numbers and coffers, is huge.

I want to have the money to pay somebody's electric bill if they need it, to give groceries to a family, etc. But higher taxes so the government can waste a large portion of it and then make those people go through paperwork that can still be filled with fraud limit my ability to give. The more money I can keep, the more I can give. If I'm already dealing with tight budgets, higher taxes, like the ones coming in January TO YOU AND ME if the Bush tax cuts aren't renewed will only reduce my ability to give.

Well, now I've outlined some of the basics on how I think. Watch for future posts on specific topics for more details . . .

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