Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Obama Attacks AFP During Radio Address

One politician is the number one recipient of campaign contributions for BP during his career. BP is both a foreign corporation and big oil. Apparently even though they have financial interests in the US and American employees depending on them to protect the sustainability of the company, they are evil for supporting ads.

Unlike George Soros, foreigner, multi-billionaire, wanted in three countries for destroying the economy and blamed for playing a big part in many other collapses, who is the big money behind MoveOn.org and Media Matters. No, never mind the millions spent by Goldmann Sachs on his campaign, or the 12 former GS employees that now work for him.

Wait, still haven't told you who this big recipient of BP money is? Haven't figured it out?

It's Obama.

So why attack a group like Americans For Prosperity by name. Millions of Americans proudly belong to that group. "Shadowy" my you-know-what.

What is a special interest? Somebody who is opposed to your point of view. What is a supporter? Somebody else's "special interest."

We need to stop demagoging and get to facts.

Fact: Obama and the Democrats have increased spending 38% since they took control of the purse strings in 2007, including consecutive 10% increases.

Fact: To hide the current increase, for the first time in decades the Democrats refused to do a budget resolution this summer.

Fact: Taxes hurt the economy. They need to be collected, but so much is wasted when you get a government so bloated.

Want to get rid of "special interests"? Get the money out of Washington. Spend only on defense and law enforcement, and regulating interstate commerce, as the constitution originally spelled out.

"Shadowy Groups"? How about moveon.org, mediamatters.com, The Apollo Foundation (who wrote the stimulus bill, how innocent that does name sound?), Center for Progress, etc.

Is he scared or setting something up? Like more restrictions on speech?

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