Monday, October 25, 2010

Campaign Funding Shenanigans

Great piece over at Red State this morning. I particularly like this line:

But conspicuously absent from Sargent’s list are the largest unions, led by unions of public employees whose taxpayer-funded salaries are funneled into compulsory union dues and then passed on to the people who set those taxpayer-funded salaries
Corporations, trying to protect their incomes so they can keep their employees, grow, etc., are somehow evil, but unions using what amounts to taxpayer dollars to fund campaigns is OK. And the Wa-Po writer makes it sound like Democrats are oh-so-poor.

Give me a break.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Demonizing the Rich

Watch the video first.

I'm sick and tired of the rich being demonized. Are there bad ones, like Maddoff and Soros? Absolutely, but they both supported Democrats.

There are three possible reasons you would want to demonize the rich:

1) You are too ignorant of the role they play in job creation, investment, etc to not just repeat this old, tired mantra of the left.

2) You envy them.

3) You think only government should provide jobs (you're a Communist).

Let me just say that on point 3, Communism and Socialism don't get rid of rich people. It just leaves the rich people in government to choose who else they want to be rich, which is whomever kisses their, well, you know. The rich people that support socialism and it's even more evil brother know that if they put the people in power, they stand a good shot of staying rich in the proletariat.

And as good as that might sound to any extreme lefties reading this, 18,000 people died in the Inquisition, over 200,000,000 died to communist regimes in the 20th century.

Rich people are good for several reasons.

First, it is why so many people came to this country in the first place - to have a chance to enter the free market, work hard and become rich. There are so many first and second generation Americans who came here and made it.

Second, it is what Americans aspire to become. The American dream is all about working hard, looking for a market, creating an invention, innovating, etc to become wealthy and be able to take care of others. The man in the video I linked above is a perfect example. He may make a million dollars in a year but he puts most of it right back into the development of the next chair design so he can keep paying his people and growing his business.

Third, without the rich there is no private employment, at least as the left defines the rich. Their arbitrary number is a couple making $250,000, which can sometimes drop to $150,000. 250K is a teacher and firefighter barely making middle class in New York, or a well to do small business owner in a small town in Ohio. As quoted in the video, two-thirds of the people who fall in the Democrat's definition of "rich" are small business owners like the man featured in it.

Fourth, without the very rich there is no investment. Innovation and invention don't get funded without them, except with government strings. An entrepreneur in the private marketplace can find somebody that will help him get started and he or she can shop for the right match. If that same person has to go to the government, it's red tape, favoritism, and cookie-cutter rules. It's often more work to go to the government than it's worth, as the filing fees, permits, bureaucratic entanglements and other issues can cost more than the payoff.

Finally, the rich in America, because of our Judeo-Christian ethos, give more than in any other country, and they are joined by most of America. We give more to charity, per capita, than any other country in the world. The rich start foundations, charities, and all sorts of other benefit programs. They give to schools and communities in quantities that change lives and cities. Bill and Melinda Gates are the wealthiest couple in the world, and Microsoft made more millionaires than any company before or since. Yet they will die with almost all of their fortune donated to helping people in a variety of causes. Does that really sound evil to you?

If you're on the right and still having problems figuring out the left on all this, let me tell you something a family member once told me. The discussion was about charitable giving and work by corporations. I pointed to the Ronald McDonald Houses. This lefty family member told me that McDonald's should not be deciding how to do charity, that those extra dollars belong to the citizens of America and should go to the government to decide how to spend it and who to help.

It doesn't matter to the left how much of that money is wasted by bureaucracy! It doesn't matter that EVERY government program is filled with waste, fraud, abuse and lobbyists funneling the money their way! It doesn't matter that when McDonald's wants to build one of their houses for families of sick children to stay in, their only condition is that it be close to a childrens' hospital.

What matters to the left is to give as much power to the government as possible. They may not all understand it this way, but that is the ultimate result. Nancy Pelosi, who could fly in one of her rich husband's many private jets, insists on taxpayer funded Gulfstream 5s to be ready at her beck and call for her jaunts home. That is how she sees taxpayers - funding her proletariat lifestyle when her husband can already do it. The more people dependant on the state and not being held accountable by their local charity to do something for themselves, the more elections the left can win.

You can see this in places like Great Britain, where the National Health Service is crushing the British government in debt, so they continue to cut programs, and medicine and other things, while banning happy hour and restricting what people can eat. Yet, nobody who would repeal or even reform the system can get elected because so many are dependent and vote to keep it going.

Social Security and Medicare face a $50 Trillion dollar liability in 2016, unfunded, yet Democrats demonize Republicans for trying to privatize some of the contributions for PEOPLE UNDER 50 to frighten a voting block to vote Democratic. They haven't proposed any new reforms except more taxes on the people who create jobs and invest in our entrepreneurs so they can create jobs.

The massive health care bill eventually drives private insurance out of the market, forcing everybody onto a government dole. It will take more taxes to pay for it, as it will increase the deficit. Medicare is 11 times more expensive now than lawmakers said it would ever be. But all the people "served" by these programs become the frightened sheep of the democratic party, until they end up rioting like they are in Greece and now France at those benefits being cut when there simply is no more money.

The left needs to demonize the rich so they can get people to go along with taxing them into moving out of the country or not being rich any more. The left needs the money to pay for the programs to take control of your lives. The USDA recently decided that food stamps could not be used to buy potatoes any more. It is not hard to extrapolate that when health care is out of money and out of rich to tax, we will be told what we can eat or drink or smoke or whatever if we want to continue having health care.

I've never, ever worked for anybody that wasn't rich, or a corporation that wasn't started and invested in by rich people. And having worked in government, I'd rather work for a rich person. At least that way I can pick my boss, and not work for controlling people picked by the dependent class to hire their servants . . .

Saturday, October 2, 2010

How Liberals Really Think

Listen to what this CONGRESSWOMAN thinks about people who, oh my goodness, love the constitution.

Oh the horror! The document that even tainted by progressivism has created the most successful and wealthy nation on earth is  . . .

Well, listen to her words.