Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A New Beginning

This week I left Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They were disturbing my mind and heart. So much of the stuff there was mental vomit, from both sides. Even the conservative sites I liked had started generating things in my timeline by conservative sites publishing unsubstantiated garbage. Filtering through all the posts for what had been legitimately researched and what was just pure clickbait was wasting too much of my day.

Sure, there were the truly important things there, like updates on my nephews’ and nieces’ activities. I kept up to date on friends I can’t text any more. I’ll just have to keep up the old fashioned way: texts and phone calls. Yes, I know texting isn’t really old fashioned, but it’s nearly as direct as a phone call.

I still need a place to vent my political side, and that’s what this blog was originally set up for. So here goes some quick venting:

Trump is not a racist. He was NEVER accused of being one prior to becoming a Republican candidate. He was widely praised for his work with the Rainbow Coalition and Jesse Jackson Sr. worked closely with him. He is a billionaire who could put his money to any cause he wanted. No, Trump saying “rapists and pedophiles are coming across our border” DOES NOT MEAN THE SAME THING as all Mexicans are rapists and pedophiles, or even illegal immigrants are rapists and pedophiles. You have to stretch it, read the man’s mind and heart, and apply evil intentions to him to turn what he said into what the liberal media has claimed he meant. He’s married to an immigrant and was married to another. It would be like taking me saying “baseball’s drug testing policy allows steroid users to play” and twisting it to argue that I said all baseball players use steroids. The two are not the same without distorting what I said.

And don’t even try to claim that because the National Policy Institute or the KKK or whomever endorse Trump it’s because he agrees with them on everything. They had to choose between Hillary and Trump, four more years of Obama or four years of ending his crushing policies. Trump never once claimed white people are superior, colored people are inferior or any other statement anywhere close to that. He has more sexual and racial diversity in his executive structures than his entire industry. No candidate can control who endorses him, and nobody should have to repeatedly repudiate who endorses them to bizarre standards set by the media, standards that are raised every time you meet them so they don’t let you off the hook.

On that same note, I warned 8 years ago that calling everything racist, such as opposition to Obamacare on its merits, would result in the word having no power. It has happened. Then when Ben Carson joins the Trump administration a member of the media tweets “house or field?”. How can anybody take the term “racist” seriously when it’s applied to EVERYTHING and EVERYONE who is white and conservative by people who turn around and attack a black man for being conservative? That never ending drumbeat works great for the perpetually offended social justice warrior crowd, but the rest of America has stopped listening. Like the shepherds that ignored the boy who cried wolf, I’m afraid that America would ignore real racism now, if declared by our corrupt media.

On the subject of the corrupt media, refusing to take questions from a media outlet at a press conference isn’t a violation of the first amendment. It wasn’t when Obama froze out Fox News for a short time and it isn’t when Trump won’t let CNN answer a question. The first amendment only restricts the government from telling the press what they can and cannot write. It does not grant them the right to ask questions or to be recognized at a press conference. Nobody is stopping CNN from saying whatever they want. No government officers have shown up at their offices to shut them down for “reporting” on things they then have to retract, quietly, later. They are free to continue being the Clinton News Network or the Communist News Network or whatever biased business model they want to follow. If they can’t directly ask Trump questions, they’ll have to get it from other sources. I’m sure one of the other biased MSM sources will ask the same questions off the Journolist postings from that morning.

Another example of the corrupt media is the “Trump mocked a disabled reporter” falsehood. Trump hadn’t met with the reporter he was talking about in decades. He didn’t know the reporter he was talking about is disabled. He makes the motions that the media jumped on every time he talks about somebody being flustered, including Ted Cruz. Watch this video defense of him, it is explained best here:

Can we drop all the label throwing now, the Russia hyperbole, the attempts to divine the future off a hyperventilating liberal “press”? Let’s see what he actually passes. I’ve never seen so many “I’m scared” and “I fear for my life” tweets (before I left twitter) ever before. So who’s the side campaigning on fear? Trump never campaigned on ending gay marriage or interning anybody. Everybody needs to relax and actually address the laws and policies that come out of this administration, not try to read the future. There are a lot of things conservatives didn’t want Obama to do that pundits and others said he would. He didn’t actually do many of them.

So relax. Our republic survived Carter and Obama, it will survive Trump too. And if he’s half as bad as the liberal world claims he is, based on their mind reading and Ouija boards, he’ll only be there four years